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8 Things to Get You Motivated and Moving in the Morning!

Dec 15, 2020 2:16:00 PM / by Doc Harmony posted in Anxiety, Stress Relievers, Exercise, Meditation, Motivation, Morning Routine


Do you wake up excited for the day ahead, jump out of bed, ready to hit the ground running? For most, mornings feel more like wanting to hit snooze just a few times, hoping for some additional sleep. However, waking up with a morning routine can make a huge difference in tackling, enjoying and navigating the day ahead. Establishing a routine to start the day allows for you to take hold of your schedule instead of your scheduling taking control of you. As human beings, we need structure and boundaries. Especially for those of us who work at home, having a set plan in place to keep ourselves accountable and on track can make all the difference in having a successful, constructive day.

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Meditation: Achieving Peace and Mental Rest Through Slowing Down

Oct 29, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by Doc Harmony posted in Meditation, Meditation how to, Meditation Sleep, Meditation music, Meditation for sleep, Meditation guide


In the beginning of 2020, we may have made a New Year’s resolution to slow down our lives, but then BOOM! The spring hit with craziness where our lives suddenly halted, our world halted for that matter. The halt doesn’t necessarily mean a slow down for many of us. Maybe for some, we’re still running full speed through each day, week and suddenly another month has passed. Our lives are busier than ever. For some maybe you have been able to slow down, which has allowed time for you and your family to come together, enjoying the season. Regardless, for most of us there’s room to slow down our lives even more, whether it be in a particular area of life such as with our family, in our career, or in commitments, etc. By slowing down, we can become more intentional, living at peace where we can reflect on what really matters most to us in this wonderful life we have.  

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