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Ear Candling for YOU

Oct 8, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Doc Harmony posted in Ear Candle, Ear Infection, Heart Health, Ear Candling, FDA and Ear Candle, Why should I use Ear Candles, What do Ear Candles Do?, What is an Ear Candle, Ear Candles are Safe, Ear Candles are not banned, Ear Candles are legal, Ear Candles are not dangerous, How to make Ear Candles, ear candle safety, History of ear candling, Where do ear candles come from, remove ear wax kit, Ear Health, hearing loss causes, hearing loss sensorineural, how to remove ear wax, remove earwax with candle, Ear candle blocked ear, ear candle walmart, ear candle video, is ear candle safe, where can I buy ear candle, ear candle reviews, ear candle cones, How to ear candle at home, Are ear candles Safe?, ear candle results, ear candle amazon, ear candle at home, ear candle instructions, ear cones


Did you know the use of ear candles encourages relaxation which can lead to an overall healthy lifestyle? I’m sure many of you haven’t used ear candles before, but I can promise you the holistic practice can work wonders. Truly. Let’s see how as I share with you the value and benefits to using ear candles and how they might be right for you!

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Ear Health As We Age

Jun 25, 2020 1:22:49 PM / by Doc Harmony posted in Natural Health, Ear Candle, Anti-Aging, natural, natural health tips, Hearing Loss, Old Age hearing loss, Kyrosol, Wax buildup, Remove wax, Vitality, hearing loss in one ear, remove ear wax kit, squip kyrosol ear wax removal kit, kyrosol ear wax removal, Ear Health, hearing loss causes, hearing loss sensorineural, how to remove ear wax, remove earwax with candle


After just sitting down with a lovely fruit smoothie on a beautiful summer day, just having returned from a morning walk through the neighborhood, your young adult daughter yells out to you from the other room. “What dear?” She repeats herself, but you respond again with “Sorry, I can’t hear you, can you speak up?” Yes, of course, sometimes people talk softly, but in the past you would have heard her the first time she called to you. Suddenly, it hits you. My hearing seems to be diminishing. Lately it seems you’ve had to ask several times for people to speak up or repeat themselves. Well, this leaves you pondering, there has to me something wrong with me, right?

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