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Feb 23, 2021 9:45:00 AM / by Doc Harmony posted in Natural Health, MyMat, natural health tips, Remove wax, Ear Health, Pets, greenerways organic bug repellent, Pet Health, Natural pet products


Many of us have goals to make this year a happier and healthier year for ourselves and our families, including our pets. Our furry friends are part of the family right? So, why exclude their health?

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Sunny Summertime Natural Health Products to Protect Yourself Naturally

Aug 11, 2020 2:00:00 PM / by Doc Harmony posted in Natural Health, Sovereign Silver, Cardiovascular Disease, Silver, Silver gel, Silver gel wound, Silver gel for wounds, silver shield gel, silver gel cvs, silver gel acne, silver gel for burns, silver gel activz, silver solution gel, Organic Bug Spray, Sovereign Silver Gel, greenerways organic bug repellent, greenerways organic bug repellent review, greener organics, greenerways bug repellent, greener way, greener ways, plantain salve for bug bites, greenerways sunscreen, greenerways organic sunscreen, Vitamin D Sunshine, Organic Sun Screen, uses for plantain salve, plantain salve for sale, greenerways organic sunscreen and bug repellent


For most of us, we are in the full swing of sweet summertime! It’s the time of year we gather with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and cool nights. Don’t forget about those beautiful masterpiece sunsets to seal the evening with a bliss. While this is the season we spend most of the time outdoors, I want to share with you a few bits of info and products to help you stay healthy and safe so you can enjoy all the wonders the season has to offer.

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